12 CFR Part 701-Fiduciary Duties at FCUs

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The proposed regulation clarifies the fiduciary duties and responsibilities of federal credit union directors.  It is anticipated the final regulation will be forthcoming in mid-December.

The proposed rule would establish a “uniform fiduciary duty standard” for federal credit union directors. Directors  would be able to delegate operational functions to management, but not the ultimate responsibility for these operations. More

CU Administrative & Enforcement Actions

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The economic downturn has placed stress on credit unions. Pressures of increased NCUSIF assessments, increased delinquencies, foreclosures, charged-off accounts & member unemployment the regulatory agency is more aggressive concerning enforcement and administrative actions. Agency officials indicated they will take administrative actions more quickly than before in order to protect the insurance fund.

Small Credit Union Considerations

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The term “small credit unions” is relative. That said, even when times are good, the “small credit union” tends to face challenges in a way that “larger credit unions”, another relative term, don’t.  Speaking from experience, the pressures on the small credit union leadership looms large on a daily basis.  The leadership must be intimately involved in all aspects of the operations.  Regulatory burdens alone loom large for the small credit union. More

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